Syrian‬ Girl’s Story Touches Hearts of Caregivers

Syrian‬ Girl’s Story Touches Hearts of Caregivers: After 7 months of treatment for a haematological disease, a young Syrian girl returned home. At the beginning of the week, her new Israeli friends held a farewell party and presented her with many gifts, including a backpack for first grade—in hope that her ‪#‎school‬ is still standing.

Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital has treated 140 Syrian civilians, men, women and children over the past three years. However, the departure, yesterday, of a six-year-old girl, “B”, was especially emotional for everyone. Wearing a white dress, white shoes, and a little silver crown, “B” was the guest of honour at a farewell party held by an entire department, where Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Druze stood together with tears in their eyes, surrounding her with love and concern for the future that awaits her.

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