A Special Request for a New Mother

A few days ago Tal Lev, age 42, gave birth to her second daughter via Caesarean section. She asked for a unique procedure, referred to as “Skin to Skin,” which allows the mother to immediately hold and nurse her child in a manner similar to that experienced by mothers who are able to have a normal birth. This promotes immediate bonding between mother and child—something not normally experienced during a Caesarean birth.
Rambam’s Labor and Delivery staff received approval for the procedure, which requires special preparation to ensure the safety and comfort of mother and child. We had to share with you this video, as mother and child meet face to face for the first time, after nine months of anticipation.
“The experience was amazing. The idea is to turn a Cesarean birth into the most natural birth possible,” explains the new mother, “to be as close as possible to each other at birth calms the infant, making arrival in this world a soft landing.”
The team in Rambam’s Labor and Delivery Unit, along with the rest of us at Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital wish the very best this life can give to Tal and her little girl.

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