Silicon Valley University Students Pay a Visit

Silicon Valley varsity students from a broad spectrum of college programs visited last week at Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital as part of their multi-narrative tour of Israel.
Arranged by Noa Shemer, a Jewish Agency Israel Fellow to Hillel of Silicon Valley, Rambam and Haifa as the capital of cultural diversity and coexistence, are a natural stop in experiencing the rich human tapestry that Israel represents. In an open dialogue, the San Jose State University students discussed extending the bridge for peace beyond medicine to other areas of humanity and professions, with members of Rambam’s executive leadership, researchers and professionals, including specialty resident practitioner Dr. Shadi Foudeh from Rambam, Prof. Karl Skorecki, Dr. Yael Shahor and Dr. Tali Shemer.

The group toured the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital and presented gifts to children from all regions of Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, as well as Syria in the Nephrology and Hemato-Oncology Departments and the Ambulatory Care Centre.
The San Jose students expressed their appreciation for an important and unique opportunity to learn about Israel by first-hand experience and plan to share their impressions with their fellow students and colleagues in California.

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