Pnina Arzai’s Last Contribution

A Complete Circle: Pnina Arzai has worked for nearly 50 years in several of Haifa’s hospital, including Rambam Health Care Campus. She has cared for literally thousands of people.
Nearing the end of her life, Pnina made one last contribution for the benefit of sick people in Northern Israel by leaving property to the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Unit in the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital.
The team members of the unit recently held a moving ceremony to honour Pnina’s donation. The former nurse’s generosity enabled construction of four isolation rooms for children with cancer who cannot share a room with other hospitalized children due to the risk of life-threatening infection. Built to meet the highest of standards, the new and spacious rooms include highly advanced equipment for treating these children. The ceremony was attended by representatives of Rambam’s management and management of the children’s hospital, as well as members of Pnina’s family.
Pictured: Rambam representatives with members of the Arzai family at the recognition ceremony. Photography: Pioter Fliter.
Pictured: Pnina Arzai when she was a nurse at Rambam. Photo courtesy of the Arzai family.

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