The Futuristic OR is Here!


The Futuristic OR is Here: Like a scene out of a science-fiction movie, white-coated figures in a dark room intently follow data projected on a semi-circular wall of screens flanking a patient prone on an operating room table. Some monitor the patient’s vital signs, while others follow the surgeon’s movements as he uses sophisticated imaging tools to guide a surgical tool through the patient’s nostril, in order to excise a tumour in her neck.

This state-of-the-art control system installed in the recently opened Head and Neck Operating Room at Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital is the first of its kind in the world, made possible through a donation by a group of business leaders who prefer to remain anonymous.

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Teamwork in the Trauma Room

Teamwork: A serious car accident and a number of extremely ill patients filled to full capacity the Shock-Trauma Room at Rambam Health Care Campus. Hospital administrators often observe activity there, for monitoring and quality assurance. Not hesitating for one second—they changed into hospital greens, rolled up their sleeves, and joined the medical teams caring for the sick and wounded.

Pictured, from left: Dr. Michal Mekel, from the Administration; Gila Hyams, Director of Nursing; and Dr. Mickey Halberthal, Deputy Director of the hospital.


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Silicon Valley University Students Pay a Visit

Silicon Valley varsity students from a broad spectrum of college programs visited last week at Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital as part of their multi-narrative tour of Israel.
Arranged by Noa Shemer, a Jewish Agency Israel Fellow to Hillel of Silicon Valley, Rambam and Haifa as the capital of cultural diversity and coexistence, are a natural stop in experiencing the rich human tapestry that Israel represents. In an open dialogue, the San Jose State University students discussed extending the bridge for peace beyond medicine to other areas of humanity and professions, with members of Rambam’s executive leadership, researchers and professionals, including specialty resident practitioner Dr. Shadi Foudeh from Rambam, Prof. Karl Skorecki, Dr. Yael Shahor and Dr. Tali Shemer.

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Syrian‬ Girl’s Story Touches Hearts of Caregivers

Syrian‬ Girl’s Story Touches Hearts of Caregivers: After 7 months of treatment for a haematological disease, a young Syrian girl returned home. At the beginning of the week, her new Israeli friends held a farewell party and presented her with many gifts, including a backpack for first grade—in hope that her ‪#‎school‬ is still standing.

Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital has treated 140 Syrian civilians, men, women and children over the past three years. However, the departure, yesterday, of a six-year-old girl, “B”, was especially emotional for everyone. Wearing a white dress, white shoes, and a little silver crown, “B” was the guest of honour at a farewell party held by an entire department, where Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Druze stood together with tears in their eyes, surrounding her with love and concern for the future that awaits her.

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“Blood Siblings:” The German Officer Who Saved an Israeli Cancer Patient

cancer 2

When Larissa Brodaski was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, her doctors realized only a bone marrow transplant could save her. When no matching donor was found within her own family, the search continued overseas until a perfect match was discovered—a 21 year old German citizen. Five years later, the “blood siblings” met for the first time.

cancer 1

Five years ago, the mother of a new baby, 31-year-old Larissa B., was diagnosed with Sezary Syndrome, a rare form of lymphoma. After seemingly endless rounds of consultations, chemotherapy, and biological therapies, the young woman’s disease continued to develop unabated. Her only hope, doctors advised, was a bone marrow transplant.

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The Winner’s Circle

Two hours after he was born at Rambam Health Care Campus, Gil’s legs were bound in plaster casts to correct a serious deformity. Lastweek, the four and a half -year-old ran in a race to benefit the hospital that got him up and running.


On June 19th, members of London’s Jewish community put on their running clothes for the traditional Maccabi GB Community Fun Run, a popular sporting and fund-raising event. Among them were young Gil Rustin and his family, who were running to benefit Rambam Hospital.

Watching the happy and energetic young runner, one would never guess the long road Gil and his family had traveled, and that not long ago, he wasn’t even able to walk, let alone run. Thanks to the treatment and ongoing medical care Gil receives at Rambam, not only is he is up and running, but is dedicating his efforts to the hospital and doctors who have gotten him up and on his feet.

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Parkinson’s – the breakthrough

An innovative non-invasive treatment, using MRI-guided focused ultrasound to treat tremor syndromes caused by ‪#‎Parkinson‬’s disease or Essential ‪#‎tremor‬ syndrome, available now at Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital.

How does it work? Watch Dr. Ilana Schlesinger, Head of movement disorders service, Department of Neurology at RHCC explain the procedure to i24NEWS English :

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Hybrid Imaging Scanner

Israeli patients will be the first in the world to enjoy a first-of-its-kind hybrid imaging scanner, which was installed at Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital

New machine scans patients more quickly and with less radiation than other machines • It maps tissues and bones and can identify cancer, heart and kidney diseases, broken bones, infections • “A real breakthrough in the field of imaging,” says professor.

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