Join us in Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Rambam Healthcare Campus

Save the date for the Rambam Healthcare Campus 80th anniversary summit  and discover Rambam’s achievements through the lens of history, laying the groundwork for an exciting tomorrow. 

  • Rambam’s impact on a young Israel 
  • Rambam’s contribution to Israel as a start up nation
  • Rambam’s role in war and piece
  • A gala evening celebrating Rambam’s exciting vision for tomorrow and honouring the 2018 Rambam award recipients. 
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    Mordi the Cat

    When the fires raged in Haifa last November, the feet of cat, Mordi, were severly burned. The veterinarian caring for Mordi considered euthanasia; but then she remember a new medication made by the Israeli pharmaceutical company MediWound Ltd. Their product was being tested at Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital as part of a study.
    The veterinarian turned to Professor Yehuda Ullman, Rambam’s Director of Plastic Surgery, and gained his help in obtaining the medication. We are pleased to announce that Mordi is now walking and well—thanks to a collaborative effort. Mordi was even featured on the Israel news! It puts a new meaning to “the cat’s meow!”

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    Pnina Arzai’s Last Contribution

    A Complete Circle: Pnina Arzai has worked for nearly 50 years in several of Haifa’s hospital, including Rambam Health Care Campus. She has cared for literally thousands of people.
    Nearing the end of her life, Pnina made one last contribution for the benefit of sick people in Northern Israel by leaving property to the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Unit in the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital.
    The team members of the unit recently held a moving ceremony to honour Pnina’s donation. The former nurse’s generosity enabled construction of four isolation rooms for children with cancer who cannot share a room with other hospitalized children due to the risk of life-threatening infection. Built to meet the highest of standards, the new and spacious rooms include highly advanced equipment for treating these children. The ceremony was attended by representatives of Rambam’s management and management of the children’s hospital, as well as members of Pnina’s family.
    Pictured: Rambam representatives with members of the Arzai family at the recognition ceremony. Photography: Pioter Fliter.
    Pictured: Pnina Arzai when she was a nurse at Rambam. Photo courtesy of the Arzai family.

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    A Special Request for a New Mother

    A few days ago Tal Lev, age 42, gave birth to her second daughter via Caesarean section. She asked for a unique procedure, referred to as “Skin to Skin,” which allows the mother to immediately hold and nurse her child in a manner similar to that experienced by mothers who are able to have a normal birth. This promotes immediate bonding between mother and child—something not normally experienced during a Caesarean birth.
    Rambam’s Labor and Delivery staff received approval for the procedure, which requires special preparation to ensure the safety and comfort of mother and child. We had to share with you this video, as mother and child meet face to face for the first time, after nine months of anticipation.
    “The experience was amazing. The idea is to turn a Cesarean birth into the most natural birth possible,” explains the new mother, “to be as close as possible to each other at birth calms the infant, making arrival in this world a soft landing.”
    The team in Rambam’s Labor and Delivery Unit, along with the rest of us at Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital wish the very best this life can give to Tal and her little girl.

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    Physicians from Rambam’s Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Get Maximum Attention

    Physicians from 22 countries attended an international symposium in Switzerland on sialendoscopy ( salivary endoscopy). Yet physicians from Rambam’s Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, headed by Prof. Adi Rachmiel, attracted the most attention. They were picked to perform and broadcast live complex sialendoscopies from the hospital’s operating theaters to the conference hall in Geneva.
    The complex sialendoscopies were carried out by attending physician Dr. Hila Klein, considered a salivary endoscopy expert by the criteria of the ESTC (European Sialendoscopy Training Center), who has performed hundreds of such surgeries.

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    How to help a stroke victim

    She arrived paralyzed on her left side, and unable to communicate— the result of a stroke. Within two hours, Yelena Solov age 61 began to move and was able to talk. This is thanks to what is today a routine procedure for the type of stroke she suffered: brain catheterization.


    Pictured: Dr. Ethan Abargel who performed the procedure and Yael Safran, the Head Nurse of the Department of Neurology and with Yelena Solov

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    30 NEW FEEDING PUMPS ARE URGENTLY NEEDED as a new method called Closed Feeding has had to be introduced after the manufacturers enlarged the size of their food packaging making the old pumps unusable.

    The new pumps do have the added value of preventing diarrhoea and digestive tract infections.


    PUMPS COST £500 each BUT EVERY DONATION WILL BE APPRECIATED – Charity cheques welcomed.



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    Erin’s Room – A room with a view!

    erins room

    A few days ago, 3-year-old Erin Levine was hospitalized in the Department of Paediatric Surgery of the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital, to have her tonsils removed. Erin’s mother, Diana, was amazed by the beautiful view from Erin’s room.

    Diana took a picture and sent it to us, along with words of thanks to her daughter’s committed and kind medical team. We just had to share this photo with you.

    All of us at Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital wish Erin Levine and all our hospitalized #children a speedy recovery and Shabbat Shalom—Right from the heart!

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