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British Friends of the Rambam Medical Centre
Helping to raise much needed funds
Our Director
Anita Alexander-Passe

Anita Alexander-Passe is the Director of the British Friends of Rambam Medical Centre.

Over the past 60 years, Anita has devoted herself, unreservedly, to the welfare of Israel.  An ardent fundraiser, speaker and organiser, she was an active Chairman and co-founder of a local branch of
WIZO.  Anita also held several executive positions at her local Synagogue and was a member of the Board of Deputies.

Her first visit to Israel was in l961 as a WIZO delegate to a three week fact-finding mission and she has been promoting Israel’s image ever since.

Anita was also the National Chairman of Pioneer Women/Na’amat for four years after being a local Chairman for 15 years raising funds for nurseries.

She was also a freelance correspondent for the Jewish Chronicle for some ten years and has also worked on several local newspapers.

Since l980, Anita has been the Chairman of the Operation Wheelchairs Committee which continues to raise funds for the disabled.  During a visit to Rambam Medical Centre in Haifa on behalf of this charity, she accepted the challenge of being the Director of the British Friends. That was in 1993.

The British Friends have sent several million pounds to the hospital,  buying equipment for all departments.  Her main love is the purchase of life-saving items for children and her favourite is an incubator (one of many) named in memory of the late Diana Princess of Wales.

A member of Hackney’s twinning committee, Anita helped to set up exchange visits between nurses and doctors from  Homerton Hospital in Hackney and Rambam Hospital in Haifa. This continues to be a highly successful enterprise despite funding problems.

Always active in the community as a volunteer, Anita has also been involved with Ben Gurion University in the Negev and its local hospital Soroka.
She has been a member of the UIJA and spent many years canvassing house to house for support.

Her first visit to Israel was on the Theodore Herzl, a Zim Line ship which landed in Haifa.  Ironically, 50 years later, she now visits Haifa on a regular basis, as Rambam Hospital is situated just by the port area – sadly the Zim ships no longer exist.    

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